Fratelli Bonfanti sas | War of Buttons

From the union between F.lli Bonfanti know-how to make buttons and the trait of the contemporary artist Paolo Gillone, named Jins, a new collection of graphic, colorful, fun buttons is born, which is registered under the trademark of La Guerra deiBottoni.


Many smiles that express feelings and moods by giving voice to buttons.
The war of buttons: the charm of being able to sincerely express one’s mood and playing in doing so!

Discover the beautiful buttons and accessories
from the War of the Buttons collection. (

With The buttons war, for the first time, emoticons, come out of social networks, from smartphones and invade reality.
Very soon the buttons war will invade the city and your wardrobes, they will be placed everywhere and it will be up to you to decide how and where you prefer to button your emotions.