Fratelli Bonfanti-Storia

The history of the F.lli Bonfanti button factory is a long path paved with precious buttons and refined buckles, which began in the postwar period in Turin.

It was 1945 when Walter Bonfanti founded his company along with his brothers  he took advantage of a willing and excellent local workforce.

From its founder Walter Bonfanti, the leadership was passed on to his sons, Elio and Mario Bonfanti . They preserved the precious heritage rich in tradition and quality and they expanded the company using the same tenacity and accuracy adopted in the days when the company was founded.

Within few years the Bonfanti’s buttons earned proper recognition by the best tailors and Italian fashion houses of the time.
The Bonfanti Fratelli, strong of its achievements, started to reach new markets abroad carrying the “Made in Italy” across national borders. Nowadays the company achieves about 75% of the turnover through export.
France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, USA, China, Japan, Brazil and many other countries are becoming the new Fratelli Bonfanti’s market.

Made with real Mother of Pearl, horn, resins and right up to the precious metals  each button is made with the same care, passion and the tradition of the past. Always in line with fashion trends and customers’ needs.

The Fratelli Bonfanti’s brand is growing in a family that continues to devote passion to the world of buttons, looking to the future planning ambitions new professional collaborations.

The third generation of the family is made up of Chiara and Serena Bonfanti , Mario’s daughters, burning with the same family passion for innovation they have realized in a partnership with the Turin artist Paul Gillone, named Jins , a new collection of buttons.
The buttons, inspired by the title of the French author’s book Louis Pergaud, war of the buttons, become a new way to express ideas (www.laguerradeibottoni.com).
This is how the story of Bonfanti family came proudly to the third generation, “with the dedication and modest certainty of being able to build something” , as said by Mario Bonfanti.